Dance, little Baby, dance up high! Never mind, Baby mother is by. Crow en caper, caper and crow, There, little Baby, there you go!

Up to the ceiling, down to the ground. Backwards and forwards, round and round;

Today you are you! that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!


Beautiful and imaginative dance classes with Selina van Hulzen-Heitman at Lamuella Ibiza 

In this playful, creative and fantasy based dance class the young kids will work on building muscle strength, learning about music and rhythms and the basics of ballet.

Classes taught in English with Spanish + Dutch communicated





  • Dance classes for 4+   When Tuesday afternoon 17.00 – 18.00    Where La Muella
  • Dance classes for 3+   When Thursday afternoon 16.15 – 17.00   Where La Muella
  • Dance classes for 2+   When Thurday afternoon 17.15 – 18.00     Where La Muella


Selina van Hulzen- Heitman moved from Amsterdam to the beautiful Northern part of Ibiza together with her husband and their 3 children. 

In Amsterdam, Selina has worked as a primary teacher for over 7 years mainly in Montessori schools. After many years of high level dancing experience she started teaching dance  for “DanspeuterDans” (2 to 3 years old) and “DanskleuterDans” (4 to 6 years old) in Amsterdam as well as teaching her own Montessori class part- time.

At that time she also introduced her project Dance & Language – teaching children Dutch as a second language through dance.

Happily living in the campo with her family she teaches at the local school her Dance and Language (English) class, she teaches 3 classes of Kids Dance at LaMuella Ibiza and two d-a-y Barreconcept classes a week in LaMuella and theLoft. 



For questions about the lessons, costs or just a little extra information, feel free to send me an email at