Allow yourself to dance with life, just as the ocean dances with the moon.

d-a-y Barreconcept

For all the girls that love Ballet, Yoga and Pilates.

For all the girls that like a healthy lifestyle and all the girls that want to be fit. A nice flow-y workout that is based on the elements of Selina’s favorite 3’s, Ballet, Yoga and Pilates.

In the d-a-y Barreconcept classes all of these basic elements are combined into a workout on some of the nicest up-tempo musical beats, ending with a mediative, calm and relaxing adagio, for a nice stretch. 

The music will make you forget you are working out and as a result you’ll get that long, lean dancer’s body.

Ibiza locations

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After moving from the city life to the campo Selina started missing her years of teaching at various (Montessori) primary schools. After teaching dance in Amsterdam it felt very natural to combine the two, this is how the dance and language program was created. Selina started dancing as a little girl and it naturally became a major part of her life. Ballet has always been her main focus, however she also performed Musical and Modern dance. She continued dancing until she was pregnant with baby boy Mads (2010). At that time she’d been following an intense orientation course at the Dance academy Lucia Marthas in Amsterdam at the highest level. After the baby was born she started to feel more comfortable in (Bikram) Yoga and at the same time noticed that Pilates was the absolute best in getting back in shape.

With the practice of Yoga and Pilates she felt she missed music and the feeling of creativity and flow that is associated with it. So after her babygirl Lou was born (2013) Selina started working as a kids’ dance teacher in Amsterdam. She began teaching 2 to 3 year olds and toddlers and noticed how her work as a Montessori teacher was greatly enriched when combining it with dance. If used adequately it benefited the expansion of children’s vocabulary. This was also the time when BarreConcept® (Emma Newham) was introduced to her by Amber Hardeveld (founder of BarreConcept® in the Netherlands). After baby no 3, Ziggy was born (2015) Selina and her husband moved to the beautiful Northern part of Ibiza where they have been living since September 2015. It is since then that Selina has had the opportunity to teach at the beautiful ‘Lamuella’ dance studio, ‘Atzaro’ and ‘theLoft’.

Selina followed and completed her teacher training with BarreConcept® created by Fitness Guru Emma Newham in London, UK


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